The ethos of Lexlink is that the members of the Lexlink network are united by the same business philosophy, which emphasises the quality of legal services available for clients. Regular contact among the members of Lexlink is intended to create confidence in one another, leading to good cooperation and results.

The main features of Lexlink can be identified as speed, accuracy, and cultural difference. Because the membership gets to know each other socially, they are better able to understand each other and develop a trust between each other, leading to more speedy delivery of advice. Each member of Lexlink knows that when advice is sought they must deliver accurate and quality service. Where there are national cultural differences Lexlink seeks to establish a level of understanding and similar approach to the client with a view to seeking their best interests in the resolution of their particular problem.

Cases are handled in Lexlink either directly by the introduced firm dealing with the client or, alternatively, by the introducing firm seeking the advice from the member of Lexlink passing back that advice to their own client.


A protocol has been established in Lexlink so that members are encouraged to establish at the beginning of the client relationship precisely the basis on which the advice is given so that liability issues are clear as between the two firms.

Referral fees are not paid in Lexlink. The experience of members of Lexlink with other legal networks is that this avoids distortions, imbalance and disputes. Effective rotation of work around the network ensures that the members of Lexlink act fully in the best interests of their client and not with a view to seeking referral fees.

The legal status of Lexlink is that it is simply an association of firms without being a partnership or any other legal contractual basis. It is governed by a Constitution, which is designed to be as simple as possible, and identifies the main conditions and practices resulting from membership.